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Metal detectors keep veg moving safely

Metal detectors keep veg moving safely Processing up to nine tonnes of fresh veg for the retail and catering sectors every day, seven days a week, demands the highest level of hygiene and safety.  Express Potato Supply of Weymouth has been doing just that for many years and has an enviable record of customer service to maintain.

With a range of 25 individual products spanning ten veg varieties, some needing hand cutting to meet demanding precision, there is always the risk of metal contamination, mainly from broken cutter blades but also deliveries that may contain pieces of metal. To eliminate the risk of product contamination with metal, Express Potato has replaced manual inspection of the processing equipment with automatic metal detectors from S+S Inspection.

Initially, MD Nigel Lawrence planned to install a single detector through which all production would pass before bagging but this was changed to a metal detector at the end of each processing line to avoid wasted time with product having to wait at the detector. S+S Inspection advised that its GLS Genius+ metal detector head would deliver the best cost/performance ratio and was compact enough to be fitted into the existing conveyor system.  In all, S+S metal detectors were to be fitted to four process lines but, as this involved the conveyor being removed by the fabricator, the lines were modified and the GLS detectors installed one at a time to minimise the impact on production.  

To meet the needs of production, the fabricator recommended by S+S completed each line within only 24 hours from removal to reinstallation.  Training and installation and initial set-up of the new equipment were provided by S+S Inspection.
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