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Mid-mounted motor for light and invisible e-bike system

Mid-mounted motor for light and invisible e-bike system

After several years of development, Maxon presents the BIKEDRIVE Air – a light and invisible e-bike system consisting of a mid-mounted motor, integrated battery, and control element. It can be used to build extremely lightweight racing, gravel, urban, and mountain bikes, with the first products to be introduced to the market this year.

E-bikes are conquering cities, rural areas and mountains. Many existing systems provide powerful support but are heavy and sluggish to handle. Maxon wants to change this. With the BIKEDRIVE Air, Maxon presents an invisible e-bike system that weighs only 3.5 kg (including battery) and can be integrated into elegant frames by bike manufacturers. The system is so compact that it fits into a wide variety of frame designs – such as racing, gravel, urban, kids’, and mountain bikes. It is possible to build electric racing bikes that weigh less than 11 kg, and E-MTB trail fullsussers with less than 16 kg.

The BIKEDRIVE Air system represents 60 years of experience in the development and production of electric motors, gearheads, and electronics. Its centerpiece is a mid-mounted e-bike motor that provides riders with a natural cycling experience and agile handling. The secret behind this is the unique freewheel technology. Support is given only when it is necessary – which makes it feel like riding with a tailwind.

Double the range

This e-bike drive is almost completely hidden from the eye. Only an inconspicuously integrated control element on the top tube hints at the extra power hidden in the bike. Even the associated 250 Wh battery is elegantly hidden in the down tube. If desired, the range can be doubled with an additional battery.    Riders have the option of individually adjusting the support levels provided by their e-bikes and easily ac-cessing important data at any time. To this end, Maxon developed the Maxon Connect app. With ANT+ or Bluetooth (BLE), other devices such as: Garmin, Sigma, o-synce, can also be connected easily. For dealers, there is a user-friendly Service app.

Starting this summer, Maxon will be offering the BIKEDRIVE Air system exclusively to bike manufacturers all over the world and is available for consultation. First partners are already integrating the drive into their new bike product lines and will launch it on the market later this year.


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