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Mixed media Power over Ethernet switches offer flexible networking

Mixed media Power over Ethernet switches offer flexible networking

GarrettCom Europe has responded to the evolving needs of industrial applications that demand increased flexibility for edge networking with the launch of the PES42P hardened Ethernet edge switch. The new device provides connectivity for clusters of Ethernet-enabled devices, and combines this with fibre optic connectivity to the control network for high-bandwidth, secure data transmission.


Further, the PES42P is one of GarrettCom's growing range of Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, supplying power to connected devices and so eliminating the need for costly cabling back to a central power source. The list of PoE enabled equipment coming to the market is growing rapidly, and includes the likes of IP video surveillance cameras, wireless access systems, VOIP phones, badge readers and many others.


Compact, rugged, and hardened for harsh industrial environments and outdoor use, the PES42P edge switch provides a total of six Ethernet ports. Four ports are always RJ-45 for PoE. The remaining two ports can be user specified as two 100Mb fibre ports, or one fibre and one copper port, or two copper ports.


The ports which supply power feature an auto-sensing algorithm so that they provide power only to attached 802.3af PD devices. If proprietary PoE and non-PoE devices are attached, the auto-sensing feature ensures they will not be damaged. The PES42P ports discontinue supplying power when the PoE devices are disconnected, and support the PSE (Power Sensing Equipment) standard for over-current protection, under-current detection and fault protection.


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