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Modular zero-line conveyor system accumulates without product contact

A major design plus for the latest zero-line pressure roller conveyor to be announced by Excel Automation is the inclusion of a miniature 24V DC drive and associated gearbox within one of the actual conveyor rollers. This enables a compact, low-power accumulation conveyor to be built that is ideal for conveying unit loads such as cartons and totes for many industry sectors including the food and beverage industries, high-speed warehousing and distribution centres.

The drive of this self-contained, modular accumulation conveyor system will typically drive up to nine slave rollers to create a single zone through a simple loop configuration that is capable of operating at speeds up to 90m/min. However, to cater for application variations Excel adapts each zone size by adding or reducing the number of rollers to suit tote bin/carton length as well as adjusting speed.

Zero-line pressure allows the accumulation of cartons and tote bins in each zone without collision and rubbing, thus preventing damage to the outer wrapping in the case of a carton or parcel. Control is achieved by a single photoelectric sensor strategically positioned between rollers at the start and end of each zone. It detects the leading edge of a carton, halting progress until the zone immediately in front is totally clear of its load.
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