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Monitoring hydraulic oils

Monitoring hydraulic oils PVL has expanded its innovative Clima range with the launch of the ClimaOil – a flowmeter and datalogger for monitoring hydraulic oil systems. Providing highly accurate calculation of oil flows from 6 to 600 l/min, the ClimaOil also delivers a cost-effective method for measuring pressure, temperature and volume complete with full, in-built datalogging capability. The ClimaOil package is built around a highly accurate precision, laser cut turbine with three versions to monitor flows from 6-60 l/min, 15-300 l/min and 60-600 l/min in oils with a range of viscosities. The turbine also incorporates a 0-600 bar pressure transducer and a 0-120°C temperature sensor, and comes built into a section of pipe offering 0.5in, 1in or 1.5in BSP connections. The measuring instruments are connected via a dedicated ‘combi cable’ to a portable display/calculation unit – the PTQ Check – which measures and displays oil velocity, temperature and pressure, and then calculates and displays the oil flow rate. The PTQ Check display unit also provides additional inputs for extra sensors, with automatic sensor recognition.

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