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New fluid dispenser available to improve manual processes

New fluid dispenser available to improve manual processes

Adhesives specialist Intertronics has launched the Fisnar DC50 digital dispense controller. The user-friendly liquid dispensing machine is designed for use in benchtop applications.  The DC50 can be used to dispense most liquids, fluids and pastes, including adhesives, coatings, greases, solder pastes and fluxes; it is suitable for dispensing both low and high viscosity fluids.

Using a dispensing controller offers several benefits over manual dispensing by hand. These include faster dispensing, more accurate deposits and reduced chemical handling, which means less chance of the user being exposed to hazardous substances. Dispensing machines create less mess and spillage, improve operator safety and mitigate the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI). The new DC50 facilitates time/pressure dispensing and, by replacing manual methods like hand syringes and brushes, the controller can improve on accuracy, repeatability, and yield.

The DC50 has user-friendly programming that allows dispense cycles to be created and stored in a matter of minutes. The low-cost controller is easy to set up and offers two operator modes: a manual mode that enables the dispense operation to be controlled by a foot pedal, and a timed mode where it dispenses for a pre-set duration. A digital timer display and an easy to read analogue pressure gauge also enables repeatable shot sizes by monitoring the time and pressure of the pulse of air that goes into the top of the barrel.

The dispense controller can be used to apply dots, lines and beads and controlled amounts in potting, dosing and infilling. The DC50 also has a vacuum suck back to prevent low and medium viscosity materials from dripping from the tip at the end of the cycle.

“Dispensing technology has advanced remarkably over the last 50 years and we have progressed from quite primitive methods like brushes and hand syringes to more sophisticated, highly precise equipment,” explained Ben Swanson, Sales Manager of Intertronics. “But this is the latest version of a time/pressure dispensing controller which was originally introduced in the 1970s to solve the issues associated with manual dispensing. These types of machines are a successful step for dispensing precision for innumerable companies, as evidenced by their ubiquitous presence in factories and ongoing popularity.”

“The new controller can help manufacturers to deposit a measured amount of material more reliably and consistently than by hand,” continued Swanson. “This gives the user greater confidence in their dispensing process and can lead to fewer rejects and less material waste.”

Alongside the controller, Intertronics supplies the required consumables, including a broad range of QantX syringe barrels and dispensing tips. It also offers component starter kits to get its customers’ dispensing processes up and running quickly.

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