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New force in linear motion

New force in linear motion BEI Kimco has a new linear voice coil actuator – one of its largest and most powerful – offering extremely fast dynamic response and controllability. It is ideal for high-performance servo mechanism applications where speed, accuracy, reliability and high stall force are important considerations. Like the other voice coil actuators in the BEI Kimco range, the new LA50-65-001A is a direct drive, hysteresis-free magnetic actuator. The direct drive feature makes it reliable, mechanically efficient and straight forward in operation. It has a linear stroke of 25.4mm (±12.7mm from mid-stroke), acceleration capability of over 72g and a peak force of over 1000N. The LA50-65-001A is an ideal choice for active damping systems, valve control in life-sustaining medical equipment, and electronic pick and place machines. BEI Kimco VCAs exhibit smooth force versus stroke characteristics and infinite position sensitivity, limited only by resolution of the feedback device.

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