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Non-contact infrared temperature sensor offers ultra-high measuring speeds

Non-contact infrared temperature sensor offers ultra-high measuring speeds

Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has extended its thermoMETER CT series of non-contact infrared temperature sensors (pyrometers) with a new ultra-high speed version that offers a 300 µs response time (90 µs exposure time) on metal and non-metal objects with a temperature of 0 to 500°C.

In high speed processes with very short cycle times, requirements for pyrometers used for temperature measurements are extremely challenging. Previously, the combination of high speed, low temperature and short wavelength was never realised and there was always a compromise on at least one of the three. The new thermoMETER CTM-4SF10-C3 infrared temperature sensor (CTM-4) from Micro-Epsilon uses a new detector that measures within the spectral range of 2.2 to 6.0 µm and is therefore ideal for low temperature (0-500°C) measurements on metals, metal oxides, ceramics and plastics, as well as materials with an unknown or changing emissivity.

The CTM-4 is Micro-Epsilon’s fastest infrared pyrometer to date. While the previous models in the CT series operate in the millisecond range, the CTM-4 outputs a measured value every 300 µs and takes just 90 µs to acquire a stable measurement value. A spectral wavelength range of 2.2 to 6.0 µm supports the measurement of various objects including metals and non-metals (eg ceramics and plastics). For fast parameter set up, the CTM-4 provides an integrated USB interface.

With a sensor head diameter of just 14mm and a length of 28mm, the CTM-4 can be easily installed in restricted spaces on a machine or production line. The pyrometer can be used in ambient temperatures up to 70°C without cooling. The remote electronics unit (controller) is connected to the sensor head via a cable, which can be up to 15m in length. Important parameters can be entered directly via three keys and an illuminated display on the controller.

An integrated USB interface enables the CTM-4 to be connected directly to a PC, where all settings can be fine-tuned using the CompactPlus Connect software. Data capture and recording are also possible using the software. Other serial interfaces or an Ethernet interface are also available as options. Two scalable analogue outputs and three programmable I/Os are available as standard for connecting the CTM-4 to the user’s own process environment.

Glenn Wedgbrow, business development manager at Micro-Epsilon UK comments: “If speed matters in the customer’s production process, the thermoMETER CTM-4 is our fastest infrared temperature sensor yet. We see numerous temperature measurement applications for the pyrometer, including high speed, high volume production such as PET preform temperature monitoring, assembly and packaging processes that involve hot glue dispensing, high speed traffic and rail safety applications where hot box detection is required, as well as the more obvious processing of metals and metal oxides, ceramics, plastics and other materials with unknown or changing emissivity.”


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