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Optimise your machine control

Optimise your machine control
The new generation of the high-performance CNC IndraMotion MTX from Rexroth is equipped with an intelligent tool for cycle time analysis. Rexroth's MTX Cycle Time Analyser (MTX CTA) records the cycle times of all production machine stations and provides users with an insight into the NC and PLC program flow. In this way, the analysis tool identifies and eliminates bottlenecks, thus enabling optimum utilisation of the machine.

The MTX Cycle Time Analyser from Rexroth records the flow of CNC commands, PLC events, axis signals and signals from the machine's periphery, and it does this synchronously and accurately to the millisecond. Results are presented graphically by Rexroth's MTX CTA in time diagrams. Synchronisation allows the recorded data to be clearly assigned and provides an overview of how the events interact.

The analysis reveals any bottlenecks in the machine work flow, enabling the performance of the overall system to be increased. Prior to each analysis, it is possible to configure the measurements. Account can also be taken of signals from external transmitters via the PLC. The beginning and end of a measurement are easy to define using corresponding commands in the CNC machining or test program. Analysis of the measurement results is possible directly on the control system or offline. Rexroth service provides detailed analysis and offers support to optimise the machine.

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