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Outstanding ETP-Hylocs from Abssac

Outstanding ETP-Hylocs from Abssac

One of the most innovative ways of reliably clamping hubs and shafts, whilst delivering high torque and maintaining excellent concentricity, is the ETP-HYLOC from Abssac. ETP-HYLOC is available as standard to suit shaft sizes between 50mm and 220mm. Concentric run out can be as little 0.02 mm.

With the Hyloc series the number of mountings can be a maximum of 2000 times making it particularly suited to applications where hub and shafts require frequent clamping and finite adjustment. The robust design, makes the product ideally suited to more arduous environments and heavy operations like steel rolling mills and the processing industry.

Full customisation of the standard product is available as well as models for shaft greater than 220mm can also be offered on request. For extreme high torque applications the contact surfaces of ETP-HYLOC (sizes 100 mm) can be applied with ETP-HFC, a high friction coating, which doubles the torque capacity.


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