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PbS PbSe Infrared Detectors - PB30

PbS PbSe Infrared Detectors - PB30

Laser Components is a world leading manufacturer of both PbS and PbSe infrared detectors.  From our manufacturing and development facility in Arizona we supply customers globally with these industrial grade photonic detectors.

To construct these sensors a semiconductor, polycrystalline thin film of either PbS or PbSe is deposited on a substrate such as crystalline quartz using a wet chemical process.  These detectors operate on the principle that photons striking the polycrystalline thin film promote electrons across the bandgap, increasing the conductivity of the substance which in turn decreases the resistance of the lead salt material. The polycrystalline lead sulphide (PbS) units detect infrared in the wavelength range between 1 and 3.3 microns and exhibit a higher sensitivity than polycrystalline lead selenide (PbSe) which can detect infrared between 1 and 5.2 microns.

The devices are packaged in standard TO style housings and can function for tens of thousands of hours without intervention, making them ideal for fit and forget applications such as gas sensing, surface quality measurement and detecting the presence of a flame.  The PB30 is a collection of thermo-electrically cooled polycrystalline biased single element PbS detectors with a 20% cut off at 3.4 microns and a maximum element size of 6 x 6 mm2.


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