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PPMA Show 2021

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28/09/2021 - 30/09/2021

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Farnborough, Hants(GU14 6TQ)

06/10/2021 - 07/10/2021

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Advanced Engineering 2021

NEC Birmingham(B40 1NT)

03/11/2021 - 04/11/2021

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Plastic Coating Solutions

Plastic Coating Solutions

For more than sixty years Plastic Coatings Ltd has been the leading coating specialist, focused on world class solutions and services. We offer the widest range of coating materials including thermoset and thermoplastic polymers, Electrophoretic paint or ‘E-Coat’, fluoropolymers and more.

Our reputation, expertise and resources for coating are second to none. Supported by world class quality systems including IATF 16949 we have grown into the business we are today. We now offer so much more than just plastic coating across a wide variety of industries from automotive to aerospace, offshore to medical. Plastic Coatings Ltd have one of the widest ranges of coating and pre-treatments available from one supplier.

Pre-treatment processes

Any coating is only as good as its pre-treatment. The key to coating performance, whether its corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, coating adhesion, etc, is to have a properly applied coating over a suitable combination of pre-treatments. Proper definition and specification gives assurance of coating performance and ensures that the performance is achieved at a cost appropriate to the product and the customer.

Electrophoretic paint

Known by various names, electrophoretic finishing has become established as an economical and corrosion resistant finish on its own or as a primer.

Predominantly used in the automotive market for under bonnet and passenger compartment components it is a Black Paint finish with a uniform thickness ranging from 15 microns up to 30 microns. The coating systems economical benefits mean that it has been adopted by varying industries as an undercoat or finish of choice where cosmetics are less critical than performance.

Powder coating

An acknowledged expert in electrostatic powder coating application, Plastic Coatings Ltd currently have six powder coating facilities. The flexibility of these six lines combined with our in-house pre-treatment means that we can offer competitive prices and fast turnaround on anything from a one-off item or a small batch to large scale mass production.

Thermoplastic dip coating

The dipping of metal components into thermoplastic powders – or fluidised bed dipping as it is sometimes known – is the oldest form of plastic coating and goes back to the time when Plastic Coatings was established in 1952.

Metal components are pretreated, usually degreased and shotblasted, heated up to between 250 and 400°C depending upon the coating required, then dipped into the fluid bed of plastic. The powder particles melt onto the metalwork forming a smooth continuous coating.

Electrostatically applied powders

Using a similar process to powder coating, electrostatically charged thermoplastic powder particles are sprayed onto the substrate (component) which is earthed via its hanging point on the conveyor track. Both component and powder are then stoved in accordance with best practice and the powder manufacturers’ technical guidelines, ensuring full melt and flow is achieved. The material does not chemically cure like a thermosetting powder; it simply flows into a smooth and very durable coating film when heated.

PTFE coating

High performance PTFE coatings are normally applied to components where a non-stick, dry lubricant, low friction or release property is required. The liquid coating contains varying proportions of the technical materials, resins and other ingredients to ensure properties that match exact user requirements. Often it is not just the non-stick or low friction type of performance that is required: there will be a need for corrosion resistance chemical resistance, humidity resistance, high and low temperature resistance and even colour coding.

Bonded lubricant coating

Typical bonded lubricants would be Molykote®, Molydag®, Molydal®, and Everslik®. Applied in a similar fashion to PTFE coatings bonded lubricants have properties of their own. Where PTFE is suitable for fast moving light loads, bonded lubricants are better suited to heavier slow moving loads.

PVC Plasticol coating

The coating of components with Plastisol PVC, or ‘Vylastic’ is unique to Plastic Coatings Ltd. This process involves the coating of metalwork in a rubberised type of coating with thicknesses from 0.5mm up to 5mm.

Vylastic or Plastisol coating is an excellent insulator, and as such is used extensively in electrical applications. Further benefits of the insulating properties include a ‘warm-to-touch’ or soft feel and sound deadening or noise reduction. In addition the coating is renowned for extreme severe corrosion resistance, excellent chemical (Acid and Alkali) resistance and its ability to resist impact damage or chipping.

Contact us

Operating nationwide from Kingswinford in the heart of the West Midlands, Plastic Coatings runs a 24 hour processing operation across 16 coating lines. A fleet of HGVs assures prompt collection and delivery of products. Whatever you require, contact our experts to discuss the most effective and efficient solution to your individual requirements.

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