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Pressure transducers with SoS technology

Pressure transducers with SoS technology There are many applications where you might want to convert pressure into an analogue voltage or current, from mobile hydraulics to a host of general industrial installations. As a result, pressure sensors are at the heart of a raft of control and monitoring applications.

There are numerous different pressure sensing technologies, varying enormously in terms of design, performance, application suitability and cost. But where factors such as high overpressure safety, long life time (even with high pressure changes), compatibility with challenging media, accuracy and reliability are key, a new design from Suco - represented in the UK by OEM Automatic - may well be the best answer.

Offering a superior solution to conventional pressure sensors, this latest generation of products from Suco is built around silicon-on-sapphire technology to provide exceptional performance characteristics. Developed to meet the demanding requirements of mobile hydraulics applications with their inherently challenging environments, the new pressure transducers and transmitters are also suitable for a host of mission critical measurement tasks in applications such as  aerospace, automotive, calibration and test, clean rooms, defence, depth and level, general purpose, hygienic/sanitary, oil and gas, petrochemicals, process and subsea.

The combination of silicon and sapphire provides a very durable sensor. Because the silicon is grown onto the surface of the sapphire it is incredibly stable and exhibits virtually no hysteresis. With its outstanding insulation properties, the sapphire protects the strain gauge from electromagnetic pulse radiation, and allows the sensor to operate over a very wide temperature range without any loss of performance.

Excellent performance characteristics
Suco silicon-on-sapphire pressure transducers can endure high overpressures and provide high corrosion resistance. The high elasticity of the sapphire ensures excellent repeatability which is a highly desirable characteristic for pressure sensors.

In the manufacture of the sensors, silicon-on-sapphire wafers are formed by depositing silicon onto the sapphire substrate at high temperature in a process called epitaxial growth. Doped silicon strain gauges are etched from the layer of silicon and individual strain gauges are electrically isolated from each other by the outstanding insulating characteristics of the sapphire substrate. Further, the sensor element is then bonded to a titanium diaphragm instead of traditional stainless steel. This enables the sensor to cope with high overpressures and is the key to the very low hysteresis and corrosion resistance.

This latest generation of Suco silicon-on-sapphire pressure transmitters and transducers can provide 0.5-4.5V ratiometic, 0-10V or 4-20mA analogue outputs, with an accuracy of ±0.5% of full scale at room temperature. Long term stability is assured by a maximum drift of ±0.1% of full scale per year. Repeatability as rated at ±0.1% of full scale, and thermal error is rated at just ±0.01% of full scale per degree centigrade.

Products are available with standard pressure ranges of 0-10bar, 0-16bar, 0-25bar, 0-40bar, 0-60bar, 0-100bar, 0-160bar, 0-250bar, 0-400bar and 0-600bar. Response time (10-90%) is less than 2ms. Maximum pressure rise rate is up to 5bar/ms. The sensors provide built-in protection against reverse polarity, short circuit and over voltage. Mechanical life expectancy is rated at up to 107 pulses up to nominal pressure. Overload factor is 4x nominal pressure and burst pressure is 8x nominal pressure. Further, the sensors are highly resistant to shock and vibration. As standard, all wetted parts are constructed in stainless steel, but for the most critical and most demanding applications the sensors are available with the complete sensor body constructed in titanium.

For maximum flexibility, the sensors are available in a wide range of thread sizes (with or without a viton gasket), and connection options include DIN EN 175301-803-A three pin, M12 four pin, DIN 72585-A1-4.1 four pin, and three-wire cable connection.

With the versatility afforded by the different combinations of thread, output and electrical connection, combined with their outstanding performance characteristics, these new Suco pressure sensors can address the broadest spectrum of applications and installation requirements.
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