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11/02/2020 - 13/02/2020

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Protection from rogue currents

Protection from rogue currents Tame rogue data line signals that can garble a message or damage electronic components by inserting an optical isolator in the data line. Rogue currents can have many causes, from exposure to a minor power surge in a nearby electrical circuit to a lightning strike in the vicinity. Optical Isolation works by converting a voltage signal to an optical signal which passes through a fibre optic section before being converted back to a voltage signal. This process isolates any voltage anomalies from the protected equipment. Mike Fahrion, Director of Engineering for B&B Electronics says: "Optical isolation can now be considered a requirement for commercial and industrial data communication. Spikes and surges on the data line can create havoc in industrial applications, shutting down an assembly line or an entire plant. That's a disaster. Adding optical isolation, either with a stand-alone isolator or a converter with optical isolation, can stop those damaging spikes and surges in their tracks." B&B Electronics has introduced the expanded I-linx series of premium industrial data converters and other data products that include superior optical isolation. New I-linx serial converters with superior isolation change RS232 format data signals to RS422 for increased range, or RS485 for increased range and multi-drop capability.
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