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Quality at every production step

Quality at every production step

Growing competitive pressure, increasing customer requirements and rising commodity prices: there are many reasons for a greater focus on quality assurance in industrial production. But many manufacturers are faced with the urgent, unanswered question of how to reconcile high quality with efficient production. Kistler’s maXYmos series of XY monitors use a consistent, process-integrated quality assurance approach, permitting visualisation, analysis and documentation of production processes, thus ensuring that products are defect free. 

The XY monitors control and evaluate the quality of a product or a production step based on the curve of two measurements. Force or torque can be captured via the Y-channel and distance and angle via the X-channel. A large number of evaluation objects enable users to define how the process should be monitored and evaluated. The XY monitors verify whether the curve progression corresponds to the pre-defined quality requirements. Based on these parameters, a quality assessment of ‘OK (OK)’ or ‘Not OK (NOK)’ at specified points in the process is generated, which is then used to control the subsequent steps of the production process, for example during press-fitting of ball bearings, riveting and spring testing. If the maXYmos identifies any deviation, the faulty part is rejected. This ensures a consistent high quality end product which leads naturally to increased productivity.

At the core of the versatile monitoring and analysis functions of the maXYmos family is the ‘Sequencer Mode’. In addition to measuring and evaluating parameters, it enables users to program control mechanisms for complex processes without having to rely on further external hardware such as a PLC and its programming. Instead of integrating an external logic, users can program the tool themselves via the intuitive user interface of the touch sensitive display and change and adapt the configuration as needed. To that end, eleven digital inputs and eight corresponding outputs can be used to define a sequence of steps in order to query and output process-relevant data. 

Various sequencer elements are available for process control: besides the scanning or controlling of inputs and outputs, these include freely definable switching levels (Teaching Function) of the X- and Y-axes, IF/ELSE conditions or timer and dialog functions. The XY monitoring determines, step by step, whether the conditions of the individually programmed process control mechanisms have been met, and control the further course of the process accordingly.

The Sequencer Mode functionality can be explained by using the example of a pneumatic actuator with end switches, which is connected to the maXYmos monitor either directly or via a valve terminal. Further sensors required for process control are also connected directly to the XY monitor. First, the maXYmos monitor prompts the user, via a dialog box, to insert a part. If this part is recognised by a proximity switch, the next step can be carried out. The maXYmos monitor will then query the upper end positioning and set up an output for controlling the cylinder. A test step, for example. a path threshold for ending cylinder control, can also be configured during the measuring process. Upon completion of the measurement, the digital outputs can be set to different values via an IF/ELSE query. This allows for a faulty part to be rejected automatically or an OK part to be forwarded to the next production step. The sequence will then restart. 

The maXYmos series consists of three models characterized by a consistent system philosophy as well as a broad range of applications. The maXYmos BL (Basic Level) monitor is suitable for standard applications in assembly and product testing such as spring testing or monitoring simple press-fitting processes. The maXYmos TL (Top Level) monitor enables the implementation of more complex as well as multi-channel applications, while the maXYmos NC (Numeric Control) monitors and controls Kistler NC joining systems. The devices are PIN-compatible with each other and offer users similar functionalities as well as consistent menu structures and user interfaces, thus making it easy to switch between the different XY monitors depending on the required application.

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