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Regenerative energy

Regenerative energy
In many industrial processes, for example when slowing or stopping a machine, kinetic energy is wasted by converting it into heat. The same can apply with potential energy in machinery such as inclined conveyors and lifts. Two new regenerative power supply  modules from Lenze take that energy and put it back into the mains, reducing energy consumption and reducing costs.

The regenerative power supply modules (RPS) are available with two power ratings. The smaller model delivers 15kW of power and is able to feed 7.5kW back into the mains. The larger model supplies 27kW with 13.5kW available for power recovery. They are ideal for use where either continuous (for example on unwinders) or cyclic braking energy is produced. Examples of cyclic braking include hoists and positioning drives. 

Instead of converting the energy to heat via brake resistors, which is highly inefficient, this energy can be easily recovered. As a result, energy efficiency is increased while running costs and CO2 emissions are reduced. The new design suiting the 9400 servo drive range achieves a high degree of efficiency.
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