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Relec Electronics announces the CQB75W8 and CHB150W8 series from Cincon

Relec Electronics announces the CQB75W8 and CHB150W8 series from Cincon

New from Relec are versatile DC-DC converters that have an 8:1 input range and are ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications in industrial and military environments. The CQB75W8 75W quarter-brick and CHB150W8 150W half-brick DC-DC converters both have an input range 9-75V DC, making them suitable for all common battery and bus voltages and 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V systems.

The CQB75W8 and CHB150W8 series are ideally suited for distributed power architectures, telecommunications, battery operated equipment and industrial applications, as well as demanding railway environments applications operating from 24V, 36V, 48V supply voltages.

For use in energy critical systems, the CQB75W8 has very low no load power consumption (10mA). The 75W quarter-brick DC-DC converter has an input range of 9-75V DC and outputs of 12-48V DC, with 3,000V AC input to output isolation. The, CHB150W8 is a 150W half brick format DC-DC converter with an input range of 9-75V DC and outputs available of 12-48V DC with 1,500V DC input to output isolation.

Both the CQB75W8 and CHB150W8 series can withstand an input surge of 100V for 100ms. The addition of EMC filter components enables the DC-DC converters to be used in military systems which are required to meet RTCA DO-160E, DEF STAN 6-15 part 6, Mil-STD-1275D and Mil-STD-704A.

The rugged CQB75W8 and CHB150W8 DC-DC converters are qualified to a host of stringent regulations, including EN45545-2 fire and smoke, EN 50155 (EN 61373) shock and vibration for railway use, UL62368-1 2nd edition reinforced insulation, CB test certificate IEC62368-1 and EN50155/EN50121-3-2 with external circuits. It is also qualified for operation up to 5,000m.

Efficiency is up to 90%, allowing for a wide case operating temperature range of -40°C to +105°C. Optional heat-sinks are available to extend the operating temperature range of the modules. Standard control functions include remote on/off (positive or negative) and +15%, -20% adjustable output voltage (single output only).

All units are fully protected against input UVLO (under voltage lock out), output over-current, output over-voltage and over-temperature and continuous short circuit conditions. Both the CQB75W8 and CHB150W8 are available to sample now from Relec Electronics, with production lead times of six to eight weeks.


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