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Retaining rings

Retaining rings New from TFC, the leading European supplier of Smalley Spirolox retaining rings, snap rings and wave springs is the metric Hoopster retaining ring series. The new metric range complements our existing imperial series but has been designed to suit specific standard metric bore and shaft sizes. Hoopster retaining rings offer an innovative way to retain mechanical components when radial space is a particular problem. The Hoopster's minimal radial projection and shallow groove depth allows it to fit where standard circlips and retaining rings cannot.

The Hoopster's low profile and precision circularity allow it to be an unobtrusive component in an assembly. These rings are suitable for light and heavy loads and are especially ideal for thin wall tubes or cylinders where the groove depth associated with a conventional retaining ring is likely to be a problem. Despite their narrow radial section, they can absorb high thrust loads since their low profile will not twist or deform under load as with conventional retaining rings and circlips. They come in sizes from 10-76mm.
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