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Riveting tool repurposed to insert viscous dampers

Riveting tool repurposed to insert viscous dampers

Recently one of the biggest automation and special purpose machine builders in the UK were looking for an automated machine that can set sealing plugs into viscous dampers. Viscous dampers are fitted to the front end of diesel engines to control vibrations. 

The customer in question approached Gesipa to find out if it manufactures any automated machine that could be a solution for their requirement. Although, Gesipa is a blind fastener manufacturer and manufactures supporting tooling including automated blind riveting and failsafe riveting tools, it suggested that the customer should send some samples so it could try and set them using the GAV, the automatic blind riveting unit. Riveting up to 40 rivets per minute depending on the type of application, the GAV can be operated either manually or as a component in a robot-controlled system.

With features like speed of the machine, ease of use and easily integrated into any machine build, the GAV brings excellent time and cost savings when used in various applications. With an option to be integrated with robotic systems or setting process monitoring via the Gesipa interface that ensures rivet is set correctly, it is one of its kind available in the market and was an excellent solution to the aforementioned customer requirement. After the GAV proved successful in setting the sealing plugs into the application, Gesipa invited the customer to visit its facility, including the new customer demonstration room and the GAV in situ at its premises in Keighley. This newly built demonstration room successfully showcases the capabilities of what Gesipa can offer. Process control tools and other tools to save time and reduce production cost are all set up ready for viewing and demonstration in this dedicated area.

The success of this project has led to a much stronger collaboration between the two and opened an all-new market for Gesipa.

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