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SCHUNK rotary unit is new benchmark for cycle time and frequency

SCHUNK rotary unit is new benchmark for cycle time and frequency The new SRU-Mini-Speed rotary unit from SCHUNK sets a new benchmark for high-performance assembly in terms of cycle time and frequency. With 14 module sizes, the new rapid modules from SCHUNK, the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems provides swivel times from 0.48seconds.
If lightweight parts are handled with the unit, more than 4,000 cycles per hour can be executed. This is more than twice as many as are achieved with a conventional design module from competitors. Module size 10 achieves swivel times of 0.27s with up to 3,600 cycles per hour being possible. As an alternative to higher speeds and number of cycles, higher load capacities can be implemented with an unchanged installation space. The secret of such a high, process reliable performance is a patented damping design. This new design has an elastomer that has been combined with an oil-damped shock absorber for improved performance. This unique damping has already been successfully implemented in the larger rotary modules of the SRU-plus series from Schunk.
The SRU-Mini-Speed is based on the features of the compact and light SCHUNK SRU-mini flat rotary unit, which has been proven in industry for many years in assembly and packaging applications. Since the dimensions and connections of the hard or softly damped SRU-mini unit are consistent, existing modules can be exchanged 1:1 to provide the highest flexibility for system integrators. Altogether three damping versions are available. The hard damped  SCHUNK SRU-Mini-H is offered for minimum interfering contours in case of extremely high payloads whilst the soft damped SCHUNK SRU-Mini-W is available for shorter cycle times with minimum spaces. Furthermore, the high-performance damped SCHUNK SRU-Mini-S in offered for high hourly cycle times in particularly compact plants.
The latter module establishes the basis for the design of assembly plants, where the performance can be compared with that of cam-controlled rotary indexing tables, but offers a considerably higher flexibility. The SRU-Mini-Speed is available in module sizes 10 and 14 with torques of 0.28Nm or 1.15Nm and axial forces of 255N or 330N.

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