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Secure fastening with no installation hassle

Secure fastening with no installation hassle
Poppit was designed by BigHead to solve a tricky problem; how to discreetly fix a panel with a fastener that ensures perfect alignment and allows the panel to be easily demounted without damage to the panel or the fastener. The system must be quick and simple to use. Plastic fasteners can often break when panels are demounted. They often need to be pre-aligned and drilled into position, which is time consuming and difficult. Conversely, hook-and-loop fasteners are easy to use but cannot guarantee perfect alignment.

Poppit solves the problem with a unique design. It is made of steel and polycarbonate pieces which precisely 'pop' together with a central ball and socket. The product comes in large and small sizes, with either a flat steel plate or a screw fixing. With an international patent applied for, Poppit is finding numerous and varied applications throughout industry and is saving users' time and money. 

Poppit is easy to use, with typical installation in just four easy steps: first stick the pad onto the Poppit. Then stick the Poppits to the panel. You can stick either the male (steel) or female (plastic) side to your panel. The pads should bond the Poppits instantly. Next, stick the pad onto the Poppit. Finally, press the panel to the wall with even pressure.
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