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Sick’s PBS pressure sensor has more ‘plus’ points

Sick’s PBS pressure sensor has more ‘plus’ points

Sick has upgraded its pressure sensor offering with the versatile and multifunctional PBS Plus, combining electronic pressure control, measurement and real-time monitoring in one IO-Link enabled device.

The next-generation Sick PBS Plus combines application versatility and high-machine availability with an improved measurement capability between 0.4 and 1000 bar (gauge pressure).  The high 0.5% accuracy, and a scalable analogue output with 5:1 turn-down ratio, supports the ability to set even small measurement ranges to suit the application.  With IO-Link as standard, PNP/NPN and analogue outputs available, the Sick PBS Plus can ably turn its hand to many process switching, measurement, and pressure data feedback duties.

The highly corrosion-resistant stainless-steel membrane and IP67 heavy-duty plastic housing make the PBS Plus a robust and economical solution for common process applications, such as measuring system pressure, hydrostatic level measurement or monitoring cylinder pressure in hydraulic presses.

“Many of our customers already appreciate the highly-visible on-sensor display of the Sick PBS together with the ability to rotate the device, so that the electrical connections, display and control buttons can be aligned in the best orientation to suit the installation,” explains Darren Pratt of Sick UK.

“The beauty of the PBS Plus is its versatility to be put to work on a wide range of duties for which previously it would have been necessary to order or store several different variants,” “With the easy configuration benefits afforded by IO-link, the PBS Plus can be simply adapted to many different measurement and switching requirements.”

The Sick PBS Plus pressure sensor also provides users with a wealth of additional data.  It can send process data via IO-Link to the control as measured values in bar, as well as displaying and transmitting process temperature readings in °C. The sensor records and counts over-pressure events, as well as logging operating hours together with high and low pressures and temperatures. It therefore aids process resilience and provides valuable data for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Set up of the PBS Plus is straightforward using the three push buttons and on-sensor display. There is also no need to convert the IO-Link process data, as it is transmitted automatically as measured values.  With a choice of gauge pressure ranges from 0 to 0.4 bar up to 0 to 1000 bar, absolute pressure range of up to 0 to 25 bar, and vacuum measuring ranges available up to -1 to +24 bar, there is a PBS Plus for almost all applications. The pressure units on the display can be changed to psi, MPa, kPa, kg/cm2 as required.


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