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Simple solution for vibration proofing

Simple solution for vibration proofing
GarrettCom Europe has introduced an innovative, low cost, retrofittable solution for its 6KQ range of Ethernet switches to eliminate the possibility of cables coming loose in high vibration environments. The answer is a slotted bracket which is simply attached to the 6KQ via one of its existing screw mounting points, allowing all cables to be held securely in place with standard cable ties.

There are a plethora of secure connectors available for switch manufacturers to use, but that means compatibility between various types can be a major issue. Proving the old adage that the simple solutions are often the best, the GarrettCom solution of a  bracket provides all the connection assurance that you might get by moving to secure connectors, but without the added cost or the requirement for much bulkier products. The bracket also significantly improves on conventional secure connector solutions, which are only suitable for replacing the RJ45 copper connectors, and do nothing to secure either fibre optic connectors or power connectors.

Industries such as the rail sector have to deal with vibration as a fact of life, and GarrettCom reports that key users in this sector have already welcomed the new bracket. It will also provide an ideal solution in a myriad of other transportation sectors, and on machinery and in plants where vibration is a recognised issue, or indeed to provide added security in fixed panels that have to be transported to their end location, where the assurance of secure connections will help to speed commissioning.

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