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Smaller, lighter, faster, tougher encoders

Smaller, lighter, faster, tougher encoders Zettlex has announced the release of a new form of its patented inductive sensor technology. The ‘ME’ (Motor Encoder) series is aimed at high speed, high precision rotary position measurement. The main application area is high speed encoders for motor winding commutation and motion control. A typical specification for a 22mm diameter unit is 17 bit resolution and speeds up to 20,000 rpm. Other sizes and speeds are possible with the larger diameter versions offering even higher resolutions. Absolute and incremental versions are also available. The encoders are targeted at applications that need fast measurement for speed control as well as precision measurement for lower speed position control. The ever increasing demands for greater resolution, harsher operating environments and weight or space savings mean that the new technology is likely to find favour in a number of sectors.

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