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Smart sensing for automated assembly

Smart sensing for automated assembly Quality assembly requires correct components presented in the right orientation. Checking is now easier with the new dualis contour sensor from market leader ifm electronic. Housed in a rugged 42x42x43mm die-cast industrial housing, the dualis contour sensor is a compact and cost-effective 2D sensor ideal for a multitude of quality control tasks. The device recognises up to 32 contours of the object or objects, allowing badly moulded parts, or parts presented the incorrectly, or missing parts to be detected immediately. All the dualis needs to operate is a backlight, also available from ifm electronic, and with the wizard software is easy to set up in a few simple steps. Available in three different sizes, the backlights are only 9.2mm thick, so mounting space is not a problem. The whole system, sensor and backlight, can be supplied for visible red light or infrared to match the application, plus different object sizes can be checked, over distances up to 400mm.

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