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Spelsberg customises enclosures to help prevent freezing pipes

Spelsberg customises enclosures to help prevent freezing pipes
Trace heating is essential to preventing costly and potentially dangerous, frost damage to pipes during the winter months. Even in the UK, known for its temperamental and unpredictable weather patterns, most winters we experience prolonged periods of cold weather which can freeze even fast flowing water pipes. Thermocable is a leading manufacturer of trace heating monitoring equipment which is designed to make sure trace heating systems are working when they are most needed. It has specified Spelsberg enclosures to guarantee protection no matter what Mother Nature throws at us.

Installing trace heating can save a business thousands of pounds in potential downtime and costly repair bills; it can also save lives, when installed on a sprinkler system or other safety critical applications. However, without constant monitoring, it's impossible to be sure that the system will activate when called upon. Thermocable has developed a range of trace heating monitoring systems which will provide 24/7 monitoring, as well as offering additional protection in the event of a failure or period of extremely low temperatures.

Depending on your requirements the ProMinder Standard or Advance provides constant monitoring of pipes so businesses can accurately maintain temperatures critical to their specific industry process. The ProMinder Standard can be retrofitted to any existing trace heating system where the security of regular monitoring is required, while the ProMinder Advance is available with specially designed cables which offer a backup heating system as well as a 'Turbo Heat' function for extremely cold temperatures.

Tom Robst, Development and Operations Manager for Thermocable, comments: "The ProMinder is designed to offer reliable monitoring of trace heating in the harshest conditions that the British weather might throw at us. This can mean prolonged periods at sub-zero temperatures, as well as a great deal of precipitation and the odd spell of strong sunlight. We needed to find an enclosure that would offer protection from all of that, while also providing the flexibility to meet our design requirements."

Thermocable approached Spelsberg UK to see if it was able to offer a solution. Spelsberg is the largest supplier of non-metallic enclosures ex-stock in the UK and is well known for its customisation capabilities, including in-house CNC machining and assembly line. It suggested its TK range of robust, polycarbonate enclosures with customised entry options. Spelsberg was also able to provide the overlay design for the products, supplying the enclosures prepared and ready for assembly.

Tom continues: "We were aware of Spelsberg's reputation for reliability and flexibility and were keen to specify their enclosures for this project. As soon as we approached them they took an interest in our design and made a concerted effort to develop a solution around our requirements. The enclosures are strong and offer protection from the environment, while the customised service makes installation easier. The ProMinder series are high quality products and the Spelsberg enclosures are the best that we could find."

The TK range from Spelsberg is available in hundreds of different sizes and configurations as standard. Its robust polycarbonate construction makes it resistant to knocks as well as offering UV and corrosion protection. It offers injection moulded polyurethane seals which deliver reliable and long lasting protection against dust and moisture ingress. For further details on customisation options speak to a member of the Spelsberg sales team.

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