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Spot curing is greener, cheaper and controllable

Spot curing is greener, cheaper and controllable
The new BlueWave LED adhesive cure system from Intertronics is seen as a major advance toward the \'holy grail\' of an invariable and long-life process in UV curing. Managing Director Peter Swanson explains: "The new DYMAX LED Prime UVA spot cure system gives some ten times the life of a conventional arc type light source with much improved output consistency. In addition the ability to simply switch it on and off makes control easier and cheaper." This new \'green\' system is said to be excellent for adhesive bonding of polycarbonate, PVC, PET, metal, glass, and many other substrates, as well as the spot curing  of various coatings.

The BlueWave LED Prime UVA high-intensity spot-curing system features many advantages over conventional spot-curing systems including no consumable bulbs to change, no warm-up, cool cures, and constant intensity for thousands of hours. Curing energy is generated using high-intensity LEDs and is claimed to produce nearly double the intensity of any other LED spot-curing lamp on the market today. This system delivers maximum curing energy through a 5mm diameter lightguide, with an output up to 15W/cm2. While providing more power, the design also eliminates the safety concerns from the high heat generated by units with the LED array at the end of the wand. In addition, the relatively narrow frequency band produced by LEDs generates cooler curing temperatures at the substrate level.  

The unit is CE certified, RoHS compliant, offers user-friendly operation, and boasts a useful LED life of over 50,000 hours. The BlueWave LED Prime UVA also includes an intensity adjustment feature which allows users to adjust and control intensity output from 0% to 100% to assist with process validation and control. Intensity level measurement is easily accomplished with a radiometer.  An ACCU-CAL 

50-LED radiometer may be used to take readings through the lightguide in process development and actual production settings, providing the most accurate and consistent method of light-intensity measurement, whether using single or multi-legged lightguides.

Intertronics engineers have found two adhesives are well paired with the BlueWave LED Prime. DYMAX 1020-M Ultra Light-Weld adhesive is ultra fast, tack free and visible/UV light curable in less than two seconds. The complementary 1120-M-UR Ultra-Red is not only ultra fast/tack free, but when cured also fluoresces bright red under low-intensity black light.
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