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Stratasys delivers open software platform for production-scale additive manufacturing

Stratasys delivers open software platform for production-scale additive manufacturing

Stratasys has introduced the GrabCAD Additive Manufacturing Platform, an open and enterprise-ready software platform that enables manufacturers to manage production-scale additive manufacturing operations.

Additive manufacturing systems are increasingly demonstrating their readiness for volume production of end-use parts. However, 3D printing at production scale also requires new software-driven operational capabilities, such as the ability to manage a large number of 3D printers across multiple locations, monitor output quality, automate materials management, and integrate within the broader enterprise. Traditional manufacturing solutions are not designed for additive workflows, which are digitally native, highly elastic and location independent.

Stratasys’ platform is specifically designed for the unique needs of additive manufacturing across the entire digital thread – from design through production – while also integrating with Industry 4.0 infrastructure and enterprise applications.

Research firm SmarTech Analysis has projected that the total global additive manufacturing software market will reach $3.3 billion by 2026, up from less than $500 million in 2020 as the overall additive manufacturing market continues to scale. Stratasys says the new platform provides it with the opportunity to strengthen what it sees as its leadership position in the additive manufacturing industry through this growing addressable market.

“We see manufacturers moving their 3D printing operations from the lab to the production floor, and that significantly increases operational requirements for everything from productivity to quality assurance,” said Nadav Goshen, executive vice president of software for Stratasys. “The GrabCAD AM Platform, our enterprise software stack specifically for 3D printing, can be a catalyst for the growth of the additive manufacturing software market. It enables customers to efficiently manage ever larger and more complex operations to produce consistent, high-quality production parts at scale. This is an essential part of our vision to digitally transform manufacturing operations around the world.”


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