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Swinghandle protects enclosures from vandals

Swinghandle protects enclosures from vandals
Dirak has further expanded its extensive swinghandle offering to include a new, dual cylinder swinghandle. It is designed to protect the internal components of electronic cabinets from the threat of vandalism in outdoor enclosure applications.

The robust design of this new swinghandle offers several anti-vandalism features including: a surrounding reinforced edge around the perimeter of the swinghandle, a reinforcing bar in the housing that makes it impossible to pry the handle open from the front, a tight gap between the handle and its housing which reduces the chance that the swinghandle can be pried open, and a product made from zinc die cast and stainless steel along with a zinc die cast rear cap and a reinforced cylinder cover. An optional metal guard is also available to protect the handle from tampering. These features allow the dual cylinder swinghandle to meet analog DIN 1630 standards.

The swinghandle is equipped with dual lock cylinders and can be opened by operating either one of the lock cylinders independent from the other. This is ideal for applications where two users with different keys require access to the same cabinet, an application situation common in outdoor power distribution and telecommunications enclosures. Variable key codes are also available. The slam to close function of the swinghandle allows the handle to be closed and locked even when the key is removed.

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