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Switch achieves 10 million operations

Switch achieves 10 million operations Aerco now supplies a new solid state switch from Cherry Electrical Products that uses Hall effect technology to provide a life of 10 million operations. This is far beyond the expected lifetime of standard miniature snap-action switches that it is designed to replace. When the D4 series is actuated an integrated magnet passes a Hall effect IC that causes an output signal that can be used in all applications requiring long life and reliability such as joystick sensing, pedal position sensing and lid and door interlocks. Available with either a button actuator or a choice of stainless steel levers the D4 series provides alternative actuator positions to allow the user to select the ideal operating force and travel distance for the application. Operating from a supply voltage of 4.5 to 24 VDC with a maximum supply current of 15mA the D4 series accepts AMP connector 10224-1 or equivalent and is UL recognised.

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