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Temperature controller features full software-based interface

Temperature controller features full software-based interface Most PID temperature controllers require the user to configure all the settings through a few front-panel buttons, which can often be tedious. The first product from IJ Instruments, the IJ-6 software-based temperature controller, solves this problem by providing a full software-based interface with access to all of the controller's features.

The controller is completely USB-powered and can accept type E, J, K, N and T thermocouples, with a temperature resolution of 0.03°C to 0.06°C, depending on thermocouple type. It provides two general-purpose relay outputs and a variable duty cycle output for a solid-state relay.

Since all control is performed in software rather than hardware, the user can easily view and configure all the controller's settings. Software features include a graphical temperature display, file logging of temperature and power, gain scheduling (the ability to change PID parameters 'on the fly'), external relay control and programmable temperature profiles with an unlimited number of segments.

A demonstration module is also available (model IJ-7) which allows the novice user to explore the features of the temperature controller, such as how to correctly choose optimum PID parameters. The IJ-6 controller is ideal for laboratory, research and educational environments.
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