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TFC expands specialist parts capabilities to meet growing customer demand

TFC expands specialist parts capabilities to meet growing customer demand

Fastening supply chain service expert TFC has expanded its global sourcing capabilities to make it easier for its customers to access parts from high-quality specialist suppliers. This means manufacturers can pass the challenge of sourcing and stocking bulk order custom produced components to TFC. The components can be delivered just in time to production lines, to improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce overheads.

Manufacturers across industries commonly opt for specialist parts when there isn’t a suitable standard machined or cold formed part available. Usually made by processes such as CNC machining, cold forming or additive manufacturing, specialist parts may require particular finishing or certain dimensions to meet either tight space constraints or harsh environmental conditions. Because they cannot be purchased from a wholesale distributor, manufacturers must source and commission suppliers, assessing lead time, quality and price.

Partnering with the experienced team at TFC can open opportunities to access specialist parts quickly, have them delivered conveniently and enable both direct and indirect cost savings. TFC will work with its quality-assured supply chain to provide the best returns for each individual customer.

“It’s no secret that the pandemic and Brexit has caused disruption to UK supply chains,” explained Morgan Burgoyne, CEO of TFC. “Because of this, we’ve found more and more customers are searching for and asking us about custom parts. For example, Google Trends data shows searches for specialist parts in the UK were at a five year high in December 2020, while specialist components peaked in June 2020. We want to do our bit by giving customers every opportunity to access specialist parts.

“2021 is an opportunity for British manufacturers to go back to their best,” added Burgoyne. “Manufacturing businesses are looking for new ways to overcome old problems. Our customers have simplified their processes by opting for a vendor managed inventory supply chain approach, as well as reducing their overheads by outsourcing their machine shop production.

“VMI sees a partner company essentially become a stockist of components, including specialist parts if necessary,” continued Burgoyne. “The VMI partner can stock a minimum of two months ahead, enabling easy scaling up and down of production, ensuring continuity of supply and saving time and money on sourcing and administration.”

TFC has 60 years’ experience sourcing specialist components, drawing from its local and global network of quality assured manufacturing partners and suppliers. TFC has rigorous in-house quality processes, verifying parts meet the necessary ISO or AS standards.

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