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TFC's next expansion phase builds upon customer focus

TFC's next expansion phase builds upon customer focus

Over the last seven years and, with the continued emphasis upon customer service, TFC has been transformed from a technically focussed specialist into an international multi-sited premier division business. We are now able to provide our customers with a competitive edge via our innovative products and extensive operational savings contained in our pioneering Supply Chain Assist suite of added value services such as DLF, VMI, Kanban, Kitting and Vending.

We are delighted to announce that financial arrangements to support the Group's next growth phase are now in place with our expansion plans focussing upon additional TFC Service Centres in the UK and mainland Europe along with the expansion of sales within selective target market sectors.

As a result, we will see a regeneration of our management team with Morgan Burgoyne leading the Group as Chief Executive and the replacement of some of our original directors. New directors Keith Kentish (Commercial) and Steve Teale (UK Sales) have been appointed internally from their existing management roles, and the appointment of an Operations Director to oversee our UK locations will be announced shortly.

Underpinning our plan has involved the appointment of Greg Templeman to TFC's Head of Marketing. His international team will be working across the entire group in order to raise TFC's market profile with emphasis on our marketing strategy, technical & commercial campaigns, utilising industry intelligence and having a stronger proactive approach towards identifying our customer's requirements.

Morgan Burgoyne, commenting on our exciting next growth phase said "I am delighted that, now with Foresight Group, our existing VC's continued support, we can move TFC fully into Europe's big league and consolidate our place in this industrial market as a customer focussed force to be reckoned with."


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