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The applications advantages of disc springs

The applications advantages of disc springs Disc springs offer an advantage over coil springs by providing an equivalent displacement in a fraction of the space. This translates into tangible benefits for a whole raft of applications. A good example is in the support of industrial pipe systems. These are primarily are supported by rod hangers, base line or base elbow supports.

But while these static supports are used to carry weight, dynamic supports are necessary to control loads on the pipe system and for these applications. Disc Springs provide a solution. These would be key, for example, in heat exchanger applications, where thermal dynamics come into play. As the temperature of the fluid within the pipe changes, the pipe will expand when hot and contract when cold.

Spirol has recently supplied just disc springs for just such an application, providing a robust, maintenance free support for industrial pipe systems. As mandated by the ASME code for pressure piping, proper design and installation is critical for the performance and safety of piping systems. Spirol Disc Springs support the system by maintaining a constant pressure at any temperature. This consistency is transmitted to the pipe joint and is essential for maintaining a proper seal. A well sealed gasket prevents fluids from escaping and reduces costly maintenance.

In a further application, power tool manufacturer Dewalt was looking to design a new high power right angle drill that was lightweight, compact and portable. The design would incorporate a mechanical clutch built to limit maximum torque output to 95Nm. Without the huge gear reduction of 75:1, the drill would be capable of producing a lock rotor torque at the spindle of 237Nm, transmitted directly to the operator of the tool. It was determined early on that the clutching thrust required in the space available could only be achieved by a disc spring design, offering a higher load capacity than coil springs in less space. Additionally, longevity and reliability is a high measure of quality for professional tools used on a daily basis. The life and performance warranty of the tool was reliant on the disc spring design.

When the original disc spring failed due to higher than expected stresses, Dewalt contacted Spirol, who recommended a custom disc spring specially designed to meet the demanding performance requirements. The spring had alternate dimensions, material, and secondary operations. These special features added significant value and ended up costing only pennies more compared to the product offered by the original supplier.
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