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The easy way to quiet vibration-free drives

The easy way to quiet vibration-free drives The CENTAFLEX-A Series is the most versatile shaft-to-shaft, torsionally soft flexible coupling on the market. Torsionally soft couplings have the ability to twist to give an excellent misalignment correction capacity that's far greater than other dual type couplings. The twist also gives significant damping under transient load conditions.

The key problem resulting from any type of misaligned drive is lack of movement within the engine and the driven unit connection, which causes excessive vibration, noise and premature wear. The specification of the correct torsionally soft Centa coupling will give you a quiet and vibration-free transmission.

The strength of the CENTAFLEX-A Series (CF-A) is its versatility. With a single compressed rubber element, it is easily adaptable to a variety of different applications. Also, the CF-A is ATEX Approved, making it safe to use in volatile situations or potentially explosive atmospheres.

It is ideal for all types of electric and diesel drives with high performance variable high-speed range capabilities,making it perfect for all types of front PTO drives and its simple yet robust configuration allows for easy in-situ replacement, overcoming all types of misalignment problems

The benefit of the CF-A is its versatility and three-way misalignment capacity. It also provides damping in the drive system, if required, and eliminates all vibration and noise caused by poorly misaligned engine drives.

As the CF-A is a very strong, single piece compressed rubber element, it can be bolted directly to the hub and is compatible with any shape of shaft. It can also be fitted to a shaft drive to create a cardanic joint (CENTA CF-AG-Shaft). And once fitted, it is maintenance free.

What makes the CENTAFLEX-A Series unique is its easy adaptability. The drive and driven parts of the power transmission can be of any shape and the breadth of the CF-A range, coupled with Centa's design expertise, means that any size of drive can be accommodated.

CENTAFLEX-A Series is compatible with any kind of electric or diesel engine and typical applications include plant and industrial equipment, generator sets, compressors, pumps, hydraulic drive and marine drives.

Other torsionally soft Centa couplings include the CENTAMAX, which is developed especially for drives subject to torsional vibration and the extensive CENTAX range.

The Centa range comprises over 20 different types of flexible couplings to handle the full range of applications found in modern power transmission, including industrial, small marine and large marine, in torques from 500Nm up to 1,000,000Nm. The range includes:

CENTAFLEX-B Series - A compact, light and highly robust flexible shaft coupling with a high tensile, unbreakable steel hub.

CENTAFLEX-C Series - A robust coupling for diesel engine hydraulic drives, This has a high 'power density' with some torsional elasticity and damping capacity to suit all types of applications.

CENTAFLEX-X Series - A variation on Centa's versatile CF-A and CF-H couplings, CENTAFLEX-X has a high power density and is designed for operation in extreme conditions, withstanding temperatures up to 150°C. This is torsionally stiff, and ideal for positional drives. It is maintenance free.
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