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The hybrid stepper that thinks it's a permanent magnet motor

The hybrid stepper that thinks it's a permanent magnet motor Astrosyn have introduced a novel range of stepper motors. Although they are conventional hybrid stepper motors, their mounts are compatible with those found on permanent magnet (PM) stepper motors. This enables them to be easily incorporated into applications where PM motors would normally have been used.

They are therefore suitable for retrofitting or for use in equipment standardised for PM style flanges where there is a requirement for the higher performance provided by hybrid motors.

Two ranges are offered. The 16HF is a replacement for Nema size 42 PM stepper motors, but with a step angle as small as 0.9 degrees and a holding torque of 7.5 Ncm. The 10HF range is a replacement for Nema size 25 PM steppers, with a step angle of 3.75 degrees. Two models are available in this range, with body lengths of only 18 or 22 mm and holding torques of 1.2 or 1.9 Ncm respectively.

Generally speaking, hybrid stepper motors are more expensive than PM models, but have the advantages of higher precision, better reproducibility, greater acceleration, quieter operation and longer lifetimes.

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