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The matching coupling for every shaft

The matching coupling for every shaft

Shaft couplings are used in very different applications. Due to this, different coupling types with varying characteristics are required – as it is important that the coupling optimally matches the respective application. In machines and systems, shaft couplings transfer energy from one shaft to another in the form of torque and speed, and in the process compensate for any occurring shaft misalignment. In the course of this, each drive has its own special characteristics and places extremely different requirements on the couplings. 

As a result, depending on the application, the main focus is either placed on high torsional rigidity, large misalignment capability, low mass inertia, excellent damping capacity or even a combination of these characteristics. 

The smartflex steel bellows coupling from Mayr Power Transmission is designed with a multiple-layer steel bellows which gives the coupling extremely high torsional rigidity. This ensures very high positioning accuracy and shaft run-out accuracy in servo axes even under difficult conditions, and guarantees an absolutely backlash-free transmission between the two shafts. 

Furthermore, the multi-layer bellows design provides a much higher misalignment capacity in comparison to single-layer bellows. Higher misalignment capability also means greater reliability, operational safety and service lifetime. In addition, the smartflex couplings distinguish themselves through a clamping connection between the shaft, hub and steel bellows. As a result, the couplings can be extremely easily and flexibly assembled according to modular principles. 

In servo axes, in which critical vibrations occur and torsionally rigid shaft couplings reach their limits, the flexible ROBA-ES claw couplings come into operation. These couplings transmit the torque backlash-free and compensate for shaft misalignments. The damping compensation element protects the drive system against critical vibrations. Nevertheless, the couplings are torsionally rigid enough that, even on highly dynamic servo drives, no compromises have to be made regarding accuracy. 

With the ROBA-ES coupling, claws engage alternately on the input and output-side of the hub into a star-shaped intermediate ring made from elastomer. Under slight pre-tension, the transmission elastomer made from polyurethane fills the space between the claw profiles and absorbs vibrations. The damping properties and rigidity of the coupling can be varied by using different plastic Shore hardnesses.

Disk pack couplings such as the ROBA-DS have the highest torsional rigidity in comparison with steel bellows and elastomer couplings. The ROBA-DS servo couplings offer minimal dimensions, reduced weight and low moments of inertia, plus high performance density. They can transmit high torques even using a comparatively small diameter, and are therefore ideal shaft couplings for dynamic drive systems with high speeds. 

The basis for this extremely compact construction is the steel and high-strength aluminium alloy materials used in the manufacture of these products. Thanks to the flexible disk packs, the couplings compensate for radial, axial and angular shaft misalignments. 

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