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The year of the package deal

The year of the package deal A new term is set to become the 2013 buzzword for many industries. It's not original, it's not clever but it could be the most powerful term in decades. That term is "packages". It has been coined by ABB to define the bringing together of drives and controls products to relieve customers from the burden of trying to work out their own matched combinations.

However, it is more than just bundling products together. It is about matching technologies to meet the energy efficiency demands of a plant, or meeting the restricted space in a panel or manufacturing unit, or reducing noise or harmonics - all while providing easy procurement and support.

While the idea is not new, the opportunity to extend this to a broader range of products most certainly is. ABB is one of the few companies in the world to make both low voltage AC drives and low voltage AC motors. As such ABB has been offering the perfectly designed, tested and approved motor-drive combination for any demanding process for many years.

Another example is the compact PLC and drive package that helps cut design and commissioning time. A starter package containing an AC500-eCo PLC and an ABB machinery drive, ACS355, is available for testing and application programming. Providing PLC, AC drives and accessories as a package simplifies ordering and provides quick deliveries. The ready-made programming, using the function block library, enables quick start-up and reduces total programming time.

With the acquisition of Baldor, and its motion control products, and Jokab Safety, with its safety related equipment, the idea is to take that philosophy and extend it to other complementary products. A typical motion control application requires drives, servo motors, PLCs with integrated safety software, all working together with specialist motion products.

And it's not just the major components - the idea of packages can extend to a basket of components such as DIN rails, terminals, switches and power supplies. Packaging these, together with the more complex elements can bring even greater benefits such as simpler procurement, easier engineering design and a single warranty. As online ordering becomes more commonplace, simple product selection - with the knowledge that the selected components are matched and fully compatible - will be even more important.

As we bring all these components and products together, the systems integrator and OEM can rest assured that they have the pieces in place to build a complete, compatible solution that works for their customers.
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