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Torsionally-stiff, synchronised driveline economics

Torsionally-stiff, synchronised driveline economics

Science tells us that tubes are torsionally stronger (and lighter) than a similar solid shaft. Furthermore, manufacturing the tube in aluminium makes it lighter still, and more price-competitive.

The plastic extrusion haul off line, final transfer lifting and tilting tray design drives, for large diameter UPVC pipes, required mechanically connecting between four vertical corner lift and two horizontal transfer ends, screw jacks. For this application, the FRANCI-KBK, Type DRE-24 aluminium tubular line ahaft assemblies (with aluminium 'spider' couplings at each end), together with right angle, spiral bevel gearbox connections, to change the direction, all provided the ideal solution, and on a relatively short timescale.

For the vertical lifting screw jacks, a single motor drive source was centrally positioned below the extrusion line and required to be connected, both to the left and to the right, to four vertically orientated screw jacks (two either side), positioned in the four corners of the transfer tray above.

For the two horizontal, sideways transferring screw jacks, the motor was in line with the 3m+ long line shaft between them.

With drives to each screw jack, each having to transmit accurately and in synch, over more than 3m, each with two direction changes (for the four vertical lifting screw jacks), it was paramount that all connections were torsionally stiff and there was no wind-up twist in the connecting line shafts.

Indeed, whilst the spider couplings each end of each line shaft provided torsional stiffness, any misalignment - angular, radial, or axial - could, nonetheless, still be accommodated.

Furthermore, the 18 lightweight aluminium, tubular line shafts, ranging from 700mm to over 3,000mm length, were not only torsionally stiff, but also eliminated any possibility of bending in the middle due to their own weight, or consequential whirring effect when driving.

Finally, torsional stiffness was also maintained in the transmission through the right angle gearboxes, due to their spiral bevel gear design with three teeth inter-meshing at all times.


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