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Two-axis gear-drive gimbal is both economical and accurate

Two-axis gear-drive gimbal is both economical and accurate

AMG-GR gear-driven motorised gimbals from Aerotech provide economical, high-accuracy elevation-over-asimuth positioning. The AMG-GR is available in a variety of standard travel ranges in both asimuth and elevation to fit any application. Due to the flexibility of the design, customised travels are easily accommodated. A variety of accuracy grades, motor types, and cell designs make this the ideal solution for applications ranging from sensor calibration to laser beam steering.

The AMG-GR standard circular cells range from 100 mm to 300 mm in diameter. Cell mounting options include a centered (balanced) cell or a front-surface reflection option where the front of the optic is located on the axes of rotation. Special configurations are available to accommodate non-circular optics, cameras, sensors, and round optics larger than 300 mm in diameter. The modular design permits each gimbal mirror cell to be easily modified or replaced with different shaped cells to accommodate sensors or other asymmetrically-shaped payloads.

The AMG-GR can be outfitted with brushless servo or stepper motors. A full range of matching drives and controls are available for a complete single-source solution. For applications that require high accuracy and repeatability, a direct-encoder mounted to the cell and yoke is available. Vacuum-compatible versions are also offered.

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