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Ultrasonic sensor for food and drink tasks

Ultrasonic sensor for food and drink tasks

Higher operating temperatures and pressures, in addition to the presence of steam and potentially corrosive products such as alcohol and solvents, require robust measuring components that can function correctly under demanding conditions.  Similarly, with the drive for smaller machine footprints, there is an increased demand for sensors that take up less space.

All of these factors have influenced the design of a new range of ultrasonic sensors from Morgan Advanced Materials, which will enable manufacturers to enjoy optimum performance across a variety of food and beverage applications. Featuring a stainless steel or alumina outer design, Morgan's ultrasonic sensors optimise performance while complying with stringent food safety regulations. In applications such as milk metering and beverage dispensing, accurate sensing is key to ensure the correct filling of containers. Ultrasonic metering is an excellent choice to increase accuracy and preserve a small footprint.

Morgan's ultrasonic sensor supplies into ultrasonic meters which use solid state technology with no moving parts, thereby eliminating any concerns about smaller particles breaking off and entering the fluid being processed, which could have serious consequences.

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