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Wave springs add reliability to aero connector

Wave springs add reliability to aero connector Having previously experienced problems with inconsistent loading and binding in the assembly of a ruggedised mil spec electrical connector used in aerospace and military communications applications, the manufacturer wanted to replace the under performing stamped wave springs with a more reliable alternative. The company turned to TFC, who recommended the use of two Smalley single turn wave springs in conjunction with a snap ring to provide a constant pre-loading force.

The TFC Smalley products are produced by edge winding from a continuous coil of single filament pre-tempered round edge wire. Unlike a die stamped product, they are formed without tooling, have a gap or overlap end configuration and require no heat treatment after production. This results in a product that provides a far more accurate control of load performance and, furthermore, since very narrow radial wire sections can be successfully coiled, the springs can operate in very tight radial spaces without binding. Similarly, the spiral snap rings, with narrow radial wall dimensions, as used in this application, are ideal for low clearance applications and can pro-vide a support shoulder without the need to orientate the spring and ring combination during assembly.
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