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Weld-immune inductive sensors are strong, rugged and clever

Weld-immune inductive sensors are strong, rugged and clever

Contrinex is renowned for the performance and robustness of its sensors, and its weld-Immune inductive sensors ably demonstrate this. The family of parts has now been further expanded with the option of an ACTIVSTONE ceramic-coating for the highest level of weld-spatter resistance.

The high-performance ceramic material forms a durable, non-stick coating on all external surfaces of the sensor, including the fixing nuts. By preventing weld spatter accumulation, this coating makes slag removal much easier and reduces maintenance costs.

All Contrinex weld-immune sensors combine optimum detection sensitivity with immunity to magnetic interference, in particular from medium-frequency weld fields (current up to 15kA). They are said to be ideal for the hostile working environments found in automotive factories and other industrial welding plants.

Sensors from the full stainless-steel family are recommended for their long service life in the most demanding welding environments. A sealed, one-piece housing in V2A/AISI 303 stainless-steel provides excellent chemical and mechanical resistance to shocks, vibration and abrasion. They also provide what Contrinex says are best-in-class sensing distances of up to 16 mm which eliminates the risk of collision damage – a frequent occurrence when operating in close to moving machine parts in welding assembly fixtures.

The 700 Series stainless-steel sensors are unaffected by weld spatter, metal dust or chips and offer the same long operating distances on both steel and aluminium – ‘Factor 1’.

The sensors also include the IO-Link communication protocol over which parameters can be retrieved or updated remotely, which also makes them ideal for Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Industry 4 implementations.


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