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When does bespoke design become practical?

When does bespoke design become practical? When installing cable management products, getting all the equipment you need from stock is not always possible. Making sure expectations are met, while sourcing the correct equipment to the usual tight timescale - and all within a given budget - can be a major challenge. Inevitably this means that bespoke equipment has to be considered at some stage during the build process. But the perception is that sourcing bespoke equipment will be more difficult and expensive than standard items from stock. So when does bespoke become practical? In the field of stainless steel cable management, you'd be very surprised at just how many variants of the standard containment systems are available. Typically these variants are not shown in manufacturers' catalogues, but choose a reputable manufacturer and the chances are that something similar has already been designed, manufactured and supplied previously. This instantly reduces design cost and manufacturing lead times - the two main factors that inhibit the use of bespoke equipment. Other than containment systems, one of the most cost effective bespoke items that are requested in this field are hinged enclosures. While there has been a move to reduce the physical size of all types of equipment and components over the years the fact remains that it's Murphy's Law that once a stock enclosure has been chosen, the equipment required will just exceed the physical laws of fitting, and the next size up will mean that the enclosure will not fit into the machine footprint, chassis or space allocated. This is a perfect example of a where a custom fit enclosure is the answer. This all sounds great, so why isn't everyone using bespoke? Clearly there are downsides of getting anything made to a bespoke order. There's a longer lead time for a start, so you need to plan ahead. But the biggest issue is cost for most people. Clearly it's a premium product and will therefore be more expensive than a standard off the shelf product, as you would expect. But it's not astronomical, and it can actually save you money once you factor in the elimination of labour costs at your end to perform any necessary modifications.

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