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Wireless monitoring: Kanban without cards

Wireless monitoring: Kanban without cards

Few Kanban systems are completely free from errors and weak spots: the processing of Kanban cards can be delayed; cards can sometimes be mislaid leading to very little transparency in the operation. The introduction of scanners provides only partial relief to some of these issues, not least of all because often staff will forget to scan leading to incorrect bookings being made and shelves being incorrectly replenished.

With the help of Werma’s StockSAVER many of the traditional Kanban issues can be resolved: stock withdrawals no longer have to be scanned and arithmetically calculated stock levels errors are removed. Intelligent sensors on the FIFO racking give total transparency of stock levels and, thanks to the automatic call for replenishment, stock-outs and incorrect stock replenishment is excluded. The objective of the system is to halve the level of stock held line-side by reducing the traditional amount of safety stock being held there. Human errors in calling up for new material or the incorrect filling of shelves is eliminated.

Werma says using StockSAVER can halve the number of FIFO racks and space required on the shop-floor. This can free up valuable floor space for other value adding activities and of course cash flow will be improved through reduced stock.

StockSAVER is simple to install and is easy to extend. Clear and simple Kanban displays keep production and logistics informed and enables the process to become more robust and less susceptible to errors.

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