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High-power electrical connectors for the future
In recent years, we are seeing a rapid increase in the rate of electrification in industry, with fossil fuels being phased out in favour of more environmentally friendly power options. As a result of this trend, there is growing demand for high-power electrical connector solutions that offer high (more...)
IFM measures air gaps with micro-metre precision
When a workpiece must be positioned accurately to within a fraction of a millimetre, or when it’s necessary to measure the surface roughness of an item, the new SDP110 air-gap sensor from IFM Electronic provides an effective and easily implemented solution. This novel sensor, which uses air (more...)
NCTE expands 2300 series torque sensors with low measurement range variant
NCTE, the German sensor manufacturer has expanded its 2300 torque sensor series with the introduction of a new variant for lower torque-range measurement tasks down to 0.5 Nm. Available with full support from NCTE’s UK distribution partner, Ixthus Instrumentation, the series now covers a (more...)
Wide input DC-DC converter series is in a space saving package
The high efficiency K78Uxx-500R3 series of switching regulators have been designed by Mornsun and are said to be ideal for use in space constrained and cost-conscious designs. The switching regulators are available from Relec Electronics, and are offered with a wide input range of 9.0–90V DC (more...)
3D printing goes large
You can now print big – really big – up to 3m with Igus. With the iglidur large format printing capabilities, 3D printed parts of up to 3m are now not a problem. And with a variety of materials, including FDA materials, the possibilities are endless. In this latest video you can see (more...)
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Germicidal LEDs with a focused beam for high intensity
The UVC-LED S6060TL from Bolb is highly efficient in the disinfection of water, air, and surfaces. The narrow beam angle of only 33° guarantees a high intensity of UVC radiation. This allows a shorter irradiation time and thus also more efficiency in disinfection. The chip design with an (more...)
The adoption of electric vehicles across the world is increasing rapidly and this demand needs to be matched by the supply of batteries. As new processing plants and manufacturing facilities are constructed, it is important that they employ the latest in pumping technology to ensure optimum (more...)
Read how to be smart with Contrinex’s smart inductive sensors
Contrinex’s range of high-performance inductive sensors with many benefits has been further enhanced by its smart sensors, which combine a microcontroller with the sensor’s ASIC to add on-board processing to “measure, monitor, configure and predict”. They offer machine (more...)
Swivel pad indexing levers enable flexible and mark-free clamping
A new range of indexing levers designed to clamp in restricted spaces without marking the workpiece or equipment is now available. Leeds-based standard parts and components supplier, WDS Components, has released a range of T and L shaped levers with a choice of ball ends or soft pads, giving (more...)
Advances in additive manufacturing materials reduce repair times and extend turbine service life
Rotating equipment, such as gas or steam turbines and compressors play an important role in modern industry. The operators’ investment is usually recovered by long and reliable operation, but in some cases, due to their long service lives, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) may no (more...)
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