Safety, performance and lubrication for life
Posted to News on 22nd Jun 2015, 00:00

Safety, performance and lubrication for life

High performance speciality lubricants that contribute significantly to equipment performance and safer production methods are essential for the day to day running of any facility. With mechanical failure cited as the main reason for production downtime, 43% of which is caused by bearing failures due to inadequate lubrication, the specification of the correct lubricant without compromise can result in substantial costs savings in lost production time, personnel demands and materials.

Safety, performance and lubrication for life

>Klüber Lubrication has developed speciality lubricants for every application in virtually every industry aimed at providing greater durability, higher energy efficiency, and overall lifecycle cost reduction for equipment.

>Klüber Lubrication customers can choose from a selection of over 2,500 oils, greases, pastes, waxes, bonded coatings, tribo-system materials and corrosion inhibitors for all kinds of components and requirements. By selecting speciality lubricants from Klüber Lubrication, the company says you can contribute to the economic and environmentally-friendly operation of your plant and equipment by ensuring the right product is in the right place at the right frequency and volume, thus minimising lubricator tasks and minimising personal risk

>Add this to the typical 10% reduction in lubricants used, and Klüber Lubrication says its customers measure significant reductions in power consumption, making the company's speciality lubricants not only a safe choice, but an economic choice too.

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