Signal light tower goes clear
Posted to News on 29th Jan 2013, 00:00

Signal light tower goes clear

IDEC have added a "clear lens" type diffuser to its LD6A SignaLight tower family. This option gives another aesthetically improving feature to their stack light family. The user can mount up to 5 LED modules to the base unit and now each of these LED modules appear "clear" until the LED is turned on.

Signal light tower goes clear

>The LD6A has impressed many new customers due to its unique lens shape enabling high-visibility from different directions, now this "clear lens" feature gives an even greater sleek appearance to the SignaLight. Thus making it even more eye catching on the applications where design plays a big part.

>Many users have adopted the LD6A into their machine design since its introduction this, in part, is due to its innovative oval design offering an alternative to the more typical round light tower, this together with the marking strip feature between each LED module provides a good alternative to the user.

>The stack light offers options that are mounted in the base unit of the tower to include flashing and sound giving the all important alarm notification to the machine operator. The sounder offers a clear and audible tone (3.3kHz, 70 to 90dB) with an adjustable volume control and 2 tone variations which are selected by a control wire. This flashing feature is controlled independently, again by the electrical signals to the base unit.

>All the LED modules, which use IDEC's super bright LED technology, are the same for both the alarm and non-alarm type SignaLight tower, it is just the base module that is different, therefore common components make inventory easy to manage for the user.

>As to the mounting of the light tower there are four mounting options available direct mount, pole mount, wall mount and frame mount from which the user can choose the best solution for their application.

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