Torque motor unmatched for power density
Posted to News on 28th May 2011, 00:00

Torque motor unmatched for power density

The new torque motor from Harmonic Drive AG, the TorkDrive, is the perfect drive solution for maximum dynamic response, precision and system rigidity. Both the stator and rotor are delivered as individual components without housing, presenting an extremely compact solution for direct integration into the machine design.

Torque motor unmatched for power density

This torque drive operates like a synchronised servo motor. The rotor is fitted with permanent magnets, and the stator houses the windings. Owing to its single pole windings rated for 400V AC, the TorkDrive delivers maximum torque at low speed. At the same time it has extremely low noise levels and is free of wear. Integrated temperature sensors ensure full motor protection. Optional water cooler is available for even greater power density, lower heat levels in the machine, and therefore higher precision.

Harmonic Drive AG also provides bespoke integrated actuators and drive systems for specific applications, including measuring systems, housings, bearings, and brakes. The new TorkDrive is designed for applications such as rotary transfer machines, rotary tables, machining centres, roller and cylinder drives, and positioning and handling axes.

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