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Igus (UK) Ltd

Igus is the largest producer of polymer energy chains and bearings. Energy chains house and protect moving cables over long and short distances at high speeds in all axes. The bearings incorporate maintenance free plain, spherical and linear ranges, for which igus can predict the precise lifetime using test data. “Chainflex” flexible cables can handle tight bending radii in dynamic applications. They include control, robot, motor, data and servo cables.

 Tech up ... Cost down. It's our job.
Innovations 2020

Technology up, costs down: we strive to meet at least one of them. For many years, this has been our profession and continues to be our promise to you. The immense challenges in the year 2020 spur us on even more. Experience over 100 motion plastics innovations 2020.


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You can now print big – really big – up to 3m with Igus. With the iglidur large format printing capabilities, 3D printed parts of up to 3m are now not a problem. And with a variety of materials, including FDA materials, the possibilities are endless. In this latest video you can see (more...)
The Igus ‘chainge’ program has officially begun in the UK. Igus energy chains are now been recycled in a circular way, allowing them to be reused in the company’s own innovation display stands. Working in collaboration with recycling partner MyGroup in Hull, old energy chains were (more...)
Published: - 5th January 2022
Igus says its iglidur plain bearings are generally insensitive to dirt and dust due to their lubrication-free dry operation. Now, with the new iglidur SG03 sealing system, you can do without lubrication and reliably keep dust and dirt out of the bearing point. You can see how the seal bearing (more...)
Water treatment plants or sewage treatment plants are harsh environments. They are full of chemicals, bacteria and waste. This environment requires products that can withstand chemical wash downs, dirt and extreme temperatures, and Igus says its energy chains are ideal for this. Igus energy chains (more...)
Igus says the triflex energy chain complements the Universal robots’ movements, enabling a smooth motion without damaging the cables. And in this video you will see just how easy it is to add the triflex energy chain to the universal robot. (more...)
Igus says its e-chain is a great alternative to busbar and festoon systems. And thanks to the various orientation options, these can be assembled in warehouses and on indoor cranes. In this video you can see exactly why the Igus believes it is the ideal system. (more...)
The Igus drylin range is known for being lubrication-free, robust and will never shy away from a challenge. In this video of the week, you can see the drylin telescopic rails being put to the test being covered in dirt, sand and water. (more...)
There are thousands where things turn, and to help these applications turn with a smooth motion, Igus says its customers are using the PRT slewing ring bearing. These bearings are low-cost, maintenance free and require no lubrication. In this new video, Igus shows how easy it is to assemble and (more...)
It is that time again for the vector awards, which showcases the best applications for Igus energy chains. There are always innovative applications, and this year will be no exception. Because of Covid, last year’s vectors were postponed so Igus anticipates that the 2022 ones will be bigger (more...)
Published: - 19th November 2021
Sometimes having a non-standard part can be problematic and expensive. Thankfully with the its stock material range, Igus says this doesn’t need to be the case. With a large variety of materials, with different temperature ranges and different mechanical properties, Igus says the iglidur stock (more...)
Precise handling, no lubrication, no mess, no fuss – handling applications have never been easier. With Igus low-cost automation gantry systems, the company says precise, quiet and lubrication-free operations are quick and easy. You can also program it all via the iRC – Igus Robot (more...)
Igus says its versatile E4.1 energy chain demonstrates its unique features in this new video. The company says these features make it suitable for almost any cable management application, offering high strength, low wear, low noise, and a host of other design details that make it easy and fast to (more...)
In this latest video from Igus, Steffan Shchack, the company’s head of the iglidur gears business unit, introduces injection moulded polymer gears. From stock, Igus has three designs in a variety of wear resistant materials, suitable for applications with high temperatures, electrically (more...)
The new generation of the strain wave gear from Igus is low cost, self-lubricating and polymer. With high efficiency, no lubrication and its lightweight design, the dry running strain wave gear is a welcomed addition to the drygear family. In its latest video of the week, Igus shows how easy it to (more...)
In this latest video from Igus, you can see the comparison between the assembly time of an Igus plastic cobot clamp and the metal version. The metal clamp can sometimes be the better option when there is a faster motion, so Igus offers both options. (more...)
With over 99 variations, Igus says the igubal double joints are quick to assemble, easy to dissemble and lubrication-free. Ideal for high axial and radial loads, these products are said to be suitable for the automotive industry, plant construction and the railway industry but can be used in (more...)
In another in its video of the week series, Igus highlights the key benefits of changing your metal bearings for Igus polymer ones. The various igubal parts shown start covered in grease but by switching to a lubrication free Igus bearing, this is eradicated. (more...)
With the ability to predict lifetimes, Igus says its 3D printing materials are not only predicable, hard wearing and durable but are over 50% more abrasion resistant than other 3D printed materials. And they are lubrication free. So, they could be used for eternity. These are all elements that can (more...)
To celebrate the new drylin product information webpages, Igus has produced a new video that highlights all the key benefits of using drylin over alternatives. Igus says that these lightweight, dirt resistant, sustainable linear systems practically sell themselves. (more...)
Finding an energy chain that can withstand washdowns, is resistant to chemicals and detergents and that is FDA compliant might seem a challenge, but Igus says its new TH3 BLUE energy chain ticks all the boxes. In the company’s latest video, you can see this energy chain with its creative open (more...)
In the latest in its ‘video of the week’ series, Igus shows you how quick and easy it is to exchange a linear bearing on a drylin system. No fuss, no dismantling and can be exchanged for a new one in less than 30 seconds. (more...)
Whether it be vertical or horizontal the Igus e-chain will protect your cables. In this latest ‘video of the week’, you can see how the Igus e-chains are used on their side. No restrictions to the movement, no interruption to power, no problem. (more...)
In its latest ‘video of the week’ Igus is showing the e-loop energy chain in extreme temperatures on a drilling rig. The robust energy chain system can withstand the harsh environments of applications such as these while allowing single cables and hoses to be swapped out due to its (more...)
2021 seems to be the year of the drone. In the latest in its ‘video of the week’ series, Igus introduces you to the “drone in the box” system. This allows drones to fly autonomously and automatically, it also serves as a landing platform, control box and offers a station for (more...)
In its latest ‘video of the week’ Igus shows how its products are used in vertical farming, an exciting new industry which demands reliability, longevity and no maintenance. This is perfect for Igus motion plastics: from smooth gliding drylin gantries to robust, lightweight e-chains, the (more...)
In its latest ‘video of the week’, Igus iglidur knife edge rollers take centre stage. The rollers help keep the packaging industry moving smoothly and efficiently. Available in various sizes and materials as standard, there is a iglidur knife edge roller suited for a variety of (more...)
In its latest ‘video of the week’ Igus shows you a 3D printer which is built using the company’s products. Linear slides, drive systems including the controller, cable protection and even the printing filament means Igus manufactures almost everything you need to build a 3D (more...)
The latest in the Igus video of the week series shows how a range of the company’s products are utilised in the production of disposable face masks. Unfortunately, facemasks have become a staple in our lives. So much so, manufacturers have now recognised the benefits of Igus products within (more...)
In its latest video, Igus shows us how easy it is to add the triflex energy chain to a Universal Robot. The triflex energy chain complements the Universal Robot’s movements, enabling a smooth motion without damaging the cables. The triflex R is a multi-axis e-chain specially designed for (more...)
Published: - 20th April 2021
Energy chains for protecting moving cable assemblies in cranes can be damaged by foreign objects like loose tools, causing costly system failures. This prompted Igus to develop a new push/pull force monitoring system. The EC.PR system records the precise force values of the moving end and adjusts (more...)
Delta robots are used in a wide range of applications, from pick and place, fitting components at high speed and even testing other products. In this latest video you can see the ease of programming using Igus software which is free to download and simple to use. (more...)
This new video from Igus shows how easy the company’s Module Connect “plug and play” system really is. The Module Connect system is a space-saving, low-profile industrial connector modular housing, which combines any number of electric cables, fibre optic cables, encoder cables (more...)
Igus claims you can make time savings of up to 80% with its new e-chain, and has produced a new video to show you exactly how. With an easy opening design, the E4.1L e-chain can be filled 51% faster and closed 86% faster when compared to the E4.42 series. The E4.1L can also be delivered complete (more...)
The robolink DP is a new robot arm developed by Igus to provide engineers with access into automated solutions using low cost robotics. The robolink DP arm is not only flexible enough to allow six degrees of freedom, but there are also many options for end effectors which enhances the opportunism (more...)
Following its development of the e-rib to safely guide cables inside corrugated hoses, Igus has now developed a system of reinforcements at both ends as well as rotary unions, to offer a full solution for high-speed SCARA applications. The system is easy to retrofit or can be delivered as a fully (more...)
The robolink DP robot arm from Igus can now be used in splash water applications with a protection class of IP44. You can see it in action in Igus’ latest ‘video of the week’ which highlights not only how the robolink robot arm copes with water but also an Igus colleague. For (more...)
The hybrid energy chain YE from Igus is a combination of both lightweight plastic and tough steel. It was developed to meet the requirements of construction machinery and lifting equipment, which have high unsupported travels. To highlight how easy it is to add the YE.42 hybrid energy chain to a (more...)
The automotive industry is notoriously difficult to satisfy, with high standards in every area of production. Igus says that utilising its products within the car’s design not only reduces weight and noise but is also more cost-effective than their metal counterparts. In its latest video, (more...)
Brickworks are very harsh environments for any product, from the extreme dust and aggressive dirt to the high loads and fluctuating temperatures. Igus energy chains protect the encapsulated cables whilst continuing to meet the high demands of the application. These chains endure severe conditions (more...)
In this video from Igus, we see some of the possible areas within a motorcycle or a motor scooter where the company’s polymer bearings are used. Igus offers a large range of lubrication-free polymer bearings which can cope with high loads, high speeds and high temperatures. With attributes (more...)
The Igus e-skin is a modular corrugated tube developed for use as a flat cable guidance system for cleanrooms. These energy chains supply cleanroom machines with data, media and energy. The zipper design is easy to open and close making cable installation simple. The e-skin chain comes in three (more...)
The innovative Camping Butler cleans mobile toilet cartridges, from caravans and camper vans, fully automatically and contact-free from the inside and outside. No matter how full or very dirty the cassette is, the Camping Butler cleans it completely. In the week’s video, we go behind the (more...)
The new e-spool flex 2.0 from Igus moves a single cable or hose safely and stows it away quickly whilst retaining an end-to-end connection. The new cable reel will guide a power or data cable or a hose for air and liquids without interruption. The user can also install an existing cable or hose (more...)
The challenge for every stage engineer is to create the perfect set, while meeting all related safety and building code standards. In this week’s video, Igus shows a range of technologies developed specifically for theatre and stage construction. Here, there are technically challenging (more...)
In its latest ‘Video of the Week’ Igus looks at how strain wave gears complement its low-cost automation range. Find out how the new strain wave gear is built and works. Tribopolymers are used wherever technology needs to be improved and costs reduced in moving applications. For (more...)
Whether in handling applications or in laboratory equipment, where there is movement, energy chains are widely used to protect and guide cables and hoses. In the medical industry, however, higher demands are placed on the components, which must all run very smoothly and quietly, be (more...)
Sophisticated acoustic modelling helps sound engineers in theatres and concert halls achieve optimal clear sound and sonically uniform coverage around the venue. However, some flexibility is needed within the fixed installation to allow for the different audio projection needs of visiting (more...)
Igus has introduced the e-loop energy chain for safe cable management on top drives for deep drilling rigs. The new modular system, which is made of high-performance plastic, ensures a defined minimum bend radius of the cables and withstands adverse weather conditions, as well as vibration and (more...)
In this video Igus introduces the drylin linear system for building your very own camera slider. The modular system is suitable for any type of camera and very easy to construct. Comprising drylin W carriage with iglidur bearings and rail of any length up to 4 metres in one-piece, soft panning of (more...)
In this video, you will see the benefits of using the ‘triflex swivel arm’ from motion plastics specialist Igus. For robot arm rotations of up to 270° on a single axis, the triflex cable management system for 3D movement can be fitted with the new swivel arm. It is a space saving (more...)
Igus has produced a new video explaining the drylin ZLW linear robot system in more detail. This modular drive system enables engineers to design and configure their own ready-to-install linear robots with maximum flexibility. With the drylin ZLW system, machine builders can address various design (more...)
The Igus humanoid open platform robot, developed in conjunction with the University of Bonn, is powered by motor-driven, slewing rings. The humanoid open platform robot was developed in conjunction with Bonn’s Autonomous Intelligent Systems group, which conducts research in the areas of (more...)
Published: - 16th November 2016
Robots are increasingly being used to reduce repetitive strain injuries, allow for operation in wet or harsh environments or to save cost. They are frequently used for material handling, for example removing a finished part from a milling machine and replacing it with a blank part for processing. (more...)
Published: - 29th July 2016
During this year’s MACH exhibition at the NEC, Igus formally celebrated its 25th anniversary in the UK. Managing director, Matthew Aldridge, has been with the company since its early days: “Over the last 25 years, Igus has grown considerably and been involved with many high-profile (more...)
Published: - 23rd May 2016
Igus has introduced a new online 3D printing service using lubrication-free, abrasion-resistant iglidur tribo-filament. These parts are extremely strong even when compared to traditionally machined and injection-moulded techniques, making them suitable for low cost prototyping and low volume (more...)
Part of the e-spool energy supply system, e-spool power is fitted with an electric motor and electronic control system with limit switches, to drive and control the standard e-chain to travel lengths of up to 50m. The twisterband connects the roll to the shaft block, which acts as the interface to (more...)
Quick and easy to install, the self-aligning igubal spherical bearings simply press-fit into sheets, bored with a standard 10mm (H7) diameter, and lock axially. The innovative design compensates automatically for errors, so precise alignment of the housing during fitting is unnecessary.As with all (more...)
Polymer bearing specialist igus rounded off 2014 with a celebration of their 50th birthday and also 30 years of their self-lubricating bearing material, iglidur. To mark both milestones and demonstrate the robust and durable nature of the material in extreme environments, igus retrofitted a small (more...)
Published: - 22nd January 2015
drylin Q is the latest torque resistant protected square linear guide system from bearing specialist igus. With self-lubricating and light-weight properties, the adjustable drylin Q is ideal for fixture, positioning and measuring systems. Due to the manual clamp, the drylin Q bearing can be mounted (more...)
Energy chain specialist igus has unveiled its latest accessory for e-chains and e-tubes, the CFV strain relief element. This offers the chance to strain relieve cables outside of the chain cross section, even in enclosed energy tubes. The CVF ensures that cables within the moving e-chain do not move (more...)
Linear motion specialist igus has developed its latest linear belt drive for use in the entertainment and theatre industry. The drylin toothed belt axis is ideal for the movement of stage systems or prop adjustments, offering a range of possible applications. Due to the use of iglidur polymer plain (more...)
e-chain specialist igus has developed the e-spool as an alternative to cable reels and zigzag systems. e-spool is unique in allowing different media types to run together with no breaks at all through the system. Typical applications include stage and theatre and cranes. In this novel customer (more...)
Cable management expert igus has developed its e-rover to supply Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) cranes with both electrical power and data. This allows the RTG to switch from diesel power to electrical power, saving thousands of pounds per year in diesel costs. The e-rover system can feed cranes with any (more...)
Published: - 22nd July 2014
Bearings specialist igus expands its xiros range to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries. Also available are versions manufactured from hazardous-free materials for the food industry which ensures that no harmful substances come into contact with any of the product, whilst bearings (more...)
e-chain specialist igus has developed its latest range of e-chains, the E1 modular chain. The E1 e-chain features an easy snap-open lid, which allows users to fit or access cables quickly. The modular design enables segments of the E1 e-chain to be connected to achieve the desired length. (more...)
Energy chain and cabling specialist igus, has launched its next generation online readycable finder which allows users to find the right drive cable according to the manufacturer's standard, as well as select the desired length and quantity even faster than before. Users are provided with a (more...)
Designers of 3D printers are increasingly turning to plastics expert igus for linear bearings, lead screw units, plain bearings, energy chains and flexible cables in order to provide self-lubricating, abrasion and wear resistant components for the latest 3D printers.Many digital printing machines (more...)
Polymer specialist igus has developed a simple to use press fitting tool for plain bearings. This updated and improved version of the original press fit tool PT-1350, which is designed to be used for bearings with an internal diameter of 13 to 50mm, is to now include the smaller PT-0620 which is (more...)
E2 micro e-chains have been carefully developed by plastics expert, igus, to be the smallest, lightest and most stable of the e-chain range. Available in seven widths, these e-chains feature improved strength and, with small inner heights and bending radii, are ideal for a wide range of applications (more...)
Ensuring that all igus products live up to the company's 'plastics for longer life' mantra, the state-of-the-art dry-tech lab performs over 7,000 tests a year on energy chains and cables, as well as polymer plain bearings and linear systemsDesigned to endure the most demanding (more...)
igubal pillow block bearings from tribo-polymer specialist igus are proving an ideal solution for a wide range of applications within the solar technology and food industries. Thanks to their unique properties, including resistance to temperatures of up to 80°C, these innovative bearings can be (more...)
Not only is plastic expert igus UK proving a great fit for industrial applications, there are also many suitable applications for home and office furniture. The high mechanical strength of igus polymer products has already proven of a consistently high calibre within industrial sectors and now, this (more...)
The chainflex custom cable configurator from plastics specialist igus is helping electrical engineers and designers assemble and order the cables that best meet their needs. Thanks to this innovative online tool, igus can quickly supply its customers with a variety of customised cables.Featuring (more...)
drylin E motor-equipped linear axis from igus are the ultimate in electrical drive technology. Maintenance-free, self-lubricating and resistant to dirt, this drive system is ideal for a variety of applications - from small, medical SLN-27 lead-screws driven systems to large, industrial ZLW-1660 (more...)
igus, the leading expert in dynamic cabling for energy chains, extends its CFRIP range to over 230 cable types. This is a novel solution for stripping cables in which the outer jacket can be stripped to the desired length simply by pulling the special CFRIP cord. "Long lengths can be stripped (more...)
Plastic expert, igus has developed the innovative PRT slewing ring bearing to help engineers and designers easily solve all problems associated with high load rotational applications. With two layers of self-lubricating low-friction sliding polymer pads, in place of those of traditional ball (more...)
A new concept in energy chains has been developed to provide a combination of rotary and linear movement. Mark Simms got to see it in action to understand the problems it addresses.There are many new concepts that seem so obvious once you've seen them, that you wonder why nobody thought of it (more...)
Since xiros ball bearings were launched five years ago, polymer material and bearings expert igus has completed lots of development work resulting in five separate xiros ball bearing materials, many new dimensions and a wide range of different designs available ex-stock within 24 hours. In addition, (more...)
igubal plastic double joint links from bearing specialist igus UK are a cost-effective, easy-to-assemble, fit-and-forget solution that have many advantages over standard steel versions.Steel linkages usually consist of many separate components and are extremely time consuming to assemble. However, (more...)
Bearing specialist igus UK offers interchangeable lubrication-free linear bearing liners that are based on wear resistant plastics specially developed for linear technology. As a result of using the liners, users can reduce downtime and improve their processes significantly.drylin bearing liners are (more...)
Linear bearing specialist igus UK has developed a new addition to its popular drylin W linear guide series. The compact drylin W mono slide is a complete system that consists of fewer parts, reduces installation space and is easier to assemble, enabling design engineers to save installation time and (more...)
Plastics expert, igus has introduced a revolutionary tool that cuts energy chain opening times from 33 to only 2 seconds. The innovative energy chain opening tool makes it extremely quick and easy to open the cross bars, providing an effective solution for energy chain filling and assembly.Like all (more...)
igus, the leading manufacturer of plastic bearings and leadscrews, has developed a new spherical trapezoidal leadscrew nut, combining the technology of igubal self-aligning bearings with drylin leadscrew drives. This new leadscrew nut has a long life with no external lubrication required, and (more...)
The drylin E motor driven linear modules from igus are used in automation, robotics, packaging machines and machine tools. Design engineers often have to build their own gantry systems to give an X-Y or X-Y-Z unit, and this involves making many special components. To help engineers design such (more...)
The fully-featured igus PPDS condition monitoring system is usually only implemented as a safety feature for cable management applications in large scale projects, such as offshore cranes. The cutting edge tool is able to monitor the condition of the energy chain system, alert the maintenance (more...)
Design flexibility is a fundamental factor for applications in the agricultural, vehicle manufacturing, medical, printing and packaging industry sectors, which is why the cost-effective, fully-assembled linear slide rail and carriage drylin W from igus UK is a popular choice.drylin W presents many (more...)
The drylin hybrid linear bearing system presents a unique combination of plain and roller bearings. It is based around the drylin W linear guide family and has been designed to fit within its dimensional envelope without increasing the design width of the range.What makes the hybrid linear bearing (more...)
When supplying energy to machinery, particularly in areas where exposure to dust, dirt, chips and fluid etc is a problem, one issue machine builders have is how to prevent the energy supply from being damaged. For industries such as machine tools and even in general mechanical engineering, cable and (more...)
Energy chain innovator igus UK has developed the new c-chain energy chain system, which allows machine signal and media to be carried in continuous motion.The intelligent c-chain design concept originated from a solution igus developed to eliminate the empty runs that conventional pick and place (more...)
Guide troughs are used to enable energy chain to glide smoothly and securely over travel lengths stretching from 5 metres and upwards, depending on the type of chain used.The new guidefast trough system, developed by plastic energy chain specialist igus UK, is a simple modular design that comprises (more...)
Energy chain expert igus UK has specialised in plastic energy chains since 1971 and, through material and technological advancements, is the market leader in this field.But what is an energy chain, and why do you need one?Justin Leonard, igus Product Director for energy chains, explains more, in (more...)
Energy chain expert igus UK has specialised in plastic energy chains and flexible cables for many years, introducing the first range of dynamically flexible cables for energy chains in 1989.Since then through material and design developments, and exhaustive testing, igus has become the market leader (more...)
The new E4 assembly tool range, from the energy chain specialist igus, is set to make the building of all E-Chains a whole lot simpler.In general Energy Chains are easy to assemble and dis-assemble by using a simple screwdriver, however this can be time consuming, especially when access is (more...)
DryLin linear bearings from linear expert igus operate on glide pads unlike the more common re-circulating ball bearing systems. The igus iglidur J, J 200 and X materials are ideal for most linear applications due to their positive wear and friction properties; being made of standard iglidur (more...)
Xiros plastic ball bearings from igus are designed for applications where the use of grease or lubricants is prohibited. The food and drinks industry, in particular, bans the use of such substances altogether. The design of igus xiros ball bearings is the same as conventional steel bearings, (more...)
The low maintenance, modular P4 roller Energy Chain from igus allows a reliable energy supply system to be implemented on long travel distances up to 800 m. In comparison to conventional roller energy supply systems, where the top and bottom rollers run over each other, the igus P4 roller Energy (more...)
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